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AQUA-QUENCH® 365 is an oil-free, non-flammable, water soluble synthetic quenchant.
  • For use in the hardening of ferrous alloys.
  • Can be used in open quench tanks, continuous furnaces, and selective surface hardening equipment.
  • Typical applications include quenching of steel forgings and castings along with surface hardening of gears, spindles and camshafts.

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  • Uniform quenching eliminates steam pockets and formation of soft spots associated with water quenching
  • Eliminates fire hazard and smoke associated with quenching oils
  • Water based quenchant allows for cleaner parts
  • Flexibility of quenching speed helps to minimize distortion and provide excellent dimensional control
  • Quenching speed can be selected to suit the steel hardenability and components requirements by varying the concentration of the solution