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Using the wrong fluids for the job is like never changing the oil in your truck. Possible? Sure. A good idea? No. It’s expensive, painful and there will be downtime. Using the right cutting fluid for your machine shop can extend your equipment life, avoid workaround hassles, and keep microbes under control. 

Extend equipment life – keep costs down.

Equipment and employees are the keys to your shop floor. You need both and replacing either means hassles and costs you can’t afford. 

Keeping employees productive and satisfied is complicated. Equipment might be 
more sensitive than employees but keeping it at peak performance is much more straightforward. 

Equipment is the most expensive part of most shop floors. Keeping it working well for as long as possible helps keep costs down. Regular maintenance is critical, of course. But metalworking stress – repeated heating and cooling, pressure, friction, 
build-up, corrosion – takes a particular toll that works against performance and lifespan. 

Avoid workaround hassles. 

Workarounds are great in a pinch. On the shop floor, they can cause other issues that need other workarounds. A “simple” part replacement can be anything but. You never know how much damage is hiding behind one faulty part. 

One of our clients was having trouble with their metalworking fluid. It was tough to 
control, and the shop floor stank because of microbial issues (caused by product instability). 

To remedy the situation, our client had to add two solutions to what they were already using. The second addition was to offset some of the negative effects of the first, which ultimately led to more pump outs. All of this increased their costs and reduced employee productivity. 

For employees, workarounds are a de-motivator. They take time away from getting the job done and providing a great product for the customer. Cutting fluids
like QUAKERCOOL® 740 prevent workarounds by providing everything you need in one solution. 

Keep microbes under control. 

If you didn’t work on a shop floor, you’d have no idea that bacteria were a metalworking issue. 

Microbes wreak havoc on equipment performance and longevity. Effects can 
include altering coolants, destroying lubricants, and leaving behind acid and salt. In the end, your production schedule and budget take a hit. 

Microbes flourish in still liquid like the gunk at the bottom of a sump. Shutdowns and slowdowns – like those during the pandemic – can lead to microbe growth on overdrive. There’s nothing to disturb them. 
Before the plant re-opens or production gets back up to speed, you’ll have to get ready to work by mitigating microbial contamination. Cutting oils
like QUAKERCOOL® 740 help you avoid this costly, time-consuming step by resisting microbes before they grow (including Myco bacteria) 

Are cutting oils worth it? 

Your job is to make the shop run smoothly so employees can get customers what they need when they need it – while also keeping costs down. 
Cutting fluids help you improve productivity, enhance equipment life and slow bacteria growth. Your shop floor will perform like a well-oiled, hassle-free, budget- conscious machine. 

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