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FERROCOTE® 5856 BF T3 is a barium-free solvent dispersed corrosion preventive.
  • Providing 3-6 months of indoor protection of ferrous and nonferrous surfaces.
  • Formulated with a unique balance of polar additives that provides exceptional corrosion protection.
  • Offers excellent water displacing and fingerprint neutralization performance characteristics.
  • Its inherent versatility offers application flexibility using spray, immersion, flood or flow-coat techniques.

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  • Up to six months of indoor protection from rust and corrosion depending on conditions
  • Rapidly displaces moisture and can be used to treat wet parts with no loss of protection
  • Improved environmental compliance, does not contain any barium or other heavy metals
  • Protection of many metals, reducing costs and simplifying the overall operation
  • Reduces processing costs, high degree of compatibility with most bearing oils and greases means no need to remove the thin film
  • The ultra-thin film protection is almost imperceptible making inspection, handling, and packaging easier
  • Residual film will not stain or varnish on metal-to-metal contact
  • Fingerprint neutralization attributes which counteract the effect of acid residues from fingerprints