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HOCUT® SYM-C is a versatile, heavy duty machine and tool cleaner.
  • Formulated to clean deposits and residues off machines, coolant sumps, and coolant distribution systems.
  • Recommended for use as a cleaner for machine tools and coolant systems.
  • Effective for frequent development of residue and other deposits in areas which are difficult to physically clean and can dissolve into new coolant charges and cause problems such as additive incompatibility, filterability, and/or shortened fluid life.
  • Recommend use of HOCUT® SYM-C prior to every new coolant charge.
  • Balanced level of surfactants are formulated into the product to enhance cleaning capability for optimal soil removal
  • Superior solvency dissolves residues and films to leave a superior finish
  • Improves appearance of coolant systems and enhances coolant performance
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors provide short term protection of metal surfaces and will prevent flash rusting of machinery