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FERROCOTE® 61 MAL HCL 1 is a flexing, blank washing, blanking, stamping, and drawing lubricant-rust preventive.
  • Designed to be applied to sheet steel and/or blanks.
  • Concentration control is not an issue with this product because it is used as received.

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  • Can be applied by the typical application methods, including electrostatic
  • Used for coating coils at all mill speeds
  • Can be stacked or coiled immediately after application
  • Contains small quantities of emulsifiers for ease of removal in industrial cleaning lines
  • System of high film strength synthetics in combination with organic corrosion inhibitors for use on ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces
  • Contains extreme pressure and polar additives for both E.P. lubrication and acid atmosphere protection
  • It should not be diluted with any type of solvent or oil. Dilution will significantly reduce its performance and quality.