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QWERL 90 is a Factory Mutual approved, synthetic, water soluble formulation.
  • Specifically designed as a scuff and tarnish preventive for copper and copper alloys in continuous annealing and pickling lines.
  • Recommended for use at concentrations of 0.5% to 5.0% in water, keeping in mind the severity of the operation dictates final concentration.
  • The temperature of the solution should be maintained between 170° F and 190° F to affect efficient deposition of film.
  • Application should be followed by a hot air blow-off or dryer.
  • Factory Mutual approved.
  • Provides lubrication to prevent scuffing during upcoiling and uncoiling
  • Prevents oxide formation on copper and copper alloys, thereby maintaining brighter surface strip
  • Acts as neutralizer for acid carryover
  • Eliminates cleaning operation usually associated with soap products
  • Aids in subsequent operations, forming, etc.
  • Reduced cost
  • Factory Mutual approved