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Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic Fluids

QUINTOLUBRIC®, COSMOLUBRIC®, HOUGHTO-SAFE® and HYDROLUBRIC® Fire Resistant and Conventional Hydraulic Fluids represent the industry standard for reliability, versatility and safety. Exceeding industrial standards, Quaker Houghton hydraulic fluids offer the following benefits: Longer plant / equipment life, with fewer failures, lower spend on maintenance and repairs, reduced downtime, reduced energy consumption, improved worker safety and increased productivity.

To meet the rigorous demands of today’s industries, you need high-perfmance products. Quaker Houghton supplies  the most advanced and reliable fire resistant hydraulic fluids available from the QUINTOLUBRIC®, COSMOLUBRIC®, HOUGHTO-SAFE® and  HYDROLUBRIC® ranges. Our fire resistant hydraulic fluids are available as Synthetic Water Free Fluids (HFD-U), Water Glycol Fluids (HFC) and High Water Content Fluids (HFA).

Quaker Houghton offers a comprehensive range of specialty/conventional hydraulic fluids recognized around the world for their long life, reliability and reduced environmental impact that enable improved efficiencies.