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Product Line Cards

Review Product Line Cards to determine the best product to select based on your needs. They provide a comprehensive overview of our industrial fluids range including lubricants, coolants, hydraulic fluids, cutting fluids, quenching technology, corrosion prevention, cleaners.

Heat Treatment

In the heat treatment process, quenching is defined as the controlled extraction of heat from the component to be hardened. Since the development of the first petroleum based quenching oil around 1880 by Quaker Houghton, and the industry’s first biostable aqueous quenchant for induction and immersion quenching applications, we continue to offer a comprehensive portfolio including cold quenching oils, martempering oils and aqueous quenchants.  

Industrial Lubricant Guide

Quaker Houghton AW hydraulic oils are fully inhibited hydraulic oils designed for service in piston, vane or gear pumps operating at pressures over 1000 psi and/or speeds over 1200 rpm. The AW series of hydraulic oils contain anti-wear, rust, oxidation, and foam inhibitors, and exhibit excellent water separating characteristics. These oils meet or exceed the requirements of the pump manufacturers that do not prohibit the use of zinc additives.

Metal Cleaning

In an industrial setting, there is a constant and essential requirement for cleanliness. With unclean surfaces, manufacturers face challenges ranging from part defects, corrosion, and downstream compatibility issues to slip and fall hazards. Spray and immersion process cleaners are needed to remove oils, residues, and fines from metal strip and parts while maintenance cleaners keep work areas and equipment clean from the accumulation of oils, greases, and dirt coming from the manufacturing environment. 

Metal Protection Fluids

Rust and corrosion are the naturally occurring enemies of machined parts. Moisture, oxygen, dirt, and residues from other metalworking fluids can cause serious damage. Quaker Houghton’s complete line of solvent, oil and water-based, and grease/wax corrosion preventives protect metal parts during production and in storage, both indoor and outdoor. Our metal protecting product line is well-proven throughout the aerospace, automotive, bearing, steel and offshore industries and wherever metal components are manufactured. 

Metal Removal Fluids Description 

Metal Removal Fluids are a critical component in metalworking processes. Acting as a lubricant and coolant, these fluids reduce friction between the workpiece and the machine tool. This diminishes frictional heat while removing the heat produced minimizing the problems associated with heat build-up including tool life and productivity. Additionally, metal removal fluids carry away the chips and fines generated in the working process leading to higher, more consistent quality parts. The right fluid choice will lead to cleaner fluid handling through microbial resistance, foam elimination, optimal detergency and tramp oil rejection. 

Metal Forming Fluids

Quaker Houghton offers an industry leading line of Metal Forming Fluids that provide lubrication, cooling and corrosion protection for metal drawing and stamping operations. Our value proposition is based on advanced technology and unmatched performance. We take a solution driven approach comprised of world-class products and services to reduce operating costs, improve productivity, increase product quality and strengthen our customers’ competitive advantage.

Rod & Wire

Quaker Houghton offers an industry leading line of Rod & Wire products.

Die Casting

With a comprehensive product range and unrivalled process expertise and experience, Quaker Houghton provides the complete solution to improving your die casting performance. DIE SLICK® and PLUNGER SLICK® products offer a wide range of release agents to run your whole operation for Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium die casting operations. These products are known for their excellent release and die protection, stable emulsion at high ratios, bright castings and no stain or buildup.

Tube & Pipe

Quaker Houghton's highly experienced tube & pipe experts work closely with your team to solve complex manufacturing challenges for seamless and welded operations. We apply our “Front-to-Back” approach including not only a range of process fluids for the front end of pipe manufacturing, but also corrosion preventives and protective coatings to finish at the back end, coupled with the expertise to provide customized solutions.