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Industry Process Expertise

Our experienced, process and application specialists work tirelessly to solve your toughest challenges, whether on your factory floor or in our own labs, plants, and offices.

Our industrial process fluids are specifically designed for critical precision machining operations, drawing and forming, cleaning, corrosion prevention, and many other applications for the manufacturing industry. For decades, our fluids and expertise have been assisting in the production of complex metal components, tools, machinery, industrial parts and consumer goods. Experts in Innovation: Household appliance and HVAC producers, Industrial Components, Specialty Industrial, Heat Treatment, Forestry, Construction, Metalworking Workshops, Die Casting Manufacturers

Quaker Houghton has built a reputation serving automotive and off highway machinery manufacturing, from the stamping of body panels to the machining of powertrain components.  Our knowledge base extends from the manufacture of each critical part to final assembly of the vehicle. 

Quaker Houghton has proven to be a reliable source for the best products in the industry. QUAKERCUT® 004 PE is the premium cylinder honing fluid and is supported by a dynamic range of water soluble metal removal fluids to support precision machining. When the job is done, our cleaners and degreasers leave the shop looking like new. 

From stamping and forming, to die casting powertrain components for e-Mobility and ICE and high precision machining of the finished product, Quaker Houghton provides every product you need for high volume and niche manufacturing and supply high end references to ensure the performance.

Quaker Houghton metal working fluids are used by world leading aerospace manufactures including Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Boeing & Rolls Royce. Whether it be titanium, aluminum, inconel, or stainless steel, QUAKERCOOL® & HOCUT® product lines provide the latest technology to achieve the quality and process efficiency demanded by any machining operation.

With Quaker Houghton products and our team of aerospace industry experts, you can:
- Increase productivity and maximize your throughput due to extended tool life and reduced downtime
- Utilize new, ultra-high speed and high pressure equipment to meet your productivity goals
- Produce high quality parts made with new light weight, high strength special alloys
-Improve safety and environmental impact; reduce waste, energy and water consumption

Our highly experienced tube & pipe experts work closely with your team to solve complex manufacturing challenges for seamless and welded operations. We apply our “Front-to-Back” approach including not only a range of process fluids for the front end of pipe manufacturing, but also corrosion preventives and protective coatings to finish at the back end, coupled with the expertise to provide customized solutions.
With Quaker Houghton products and people at work in your mill, you can:
- Maximize productivity, tool life, and efficiency
- Reduce fluid usage and applied coating costs
- Achieve high surface finish quality
- Improve safety and environmental impact; reduce waste, energy and water consumption
- Ensure process and chemical compatibility from upstream metalworking fluids to downstream coatings systems

Quaker Houghton is a partner in progress to the most successful mining companies. Whether developing solutions to meet new regulations, or introducing technology to solve operational challenges, manufacturers need to continue to grow and deliver even greater value to their customers. With research and development centers around the world, Quaker Houghton can support customers globally, at the local level, on-site, and one-on-one, to formulate solutions so that our mining customers can stand out, and stay ahead in a changing world.

With Quaker Houghton products  you can:
- Implement compliance solutions
- Lower operational costs 
- Optimize Performance