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View videos to learn more about industrial fluids used in various manufacturing processes to lubricate, cool, clean, and protect equipment and products. These fluids include lubricants, coolants, hydraulic fluids, cutting fluids, quenching technology, corrosion prevention, cleaners. 

Quaker Houghton Manifesto

Quaker Houghton is the global leader in industrial process fluids, continually improving and innovating so the world’s steel, aluminum, automotive, aircraft, machinery and industrial parts manufacturers can stay ahead in a changing world. Our chemists, engineers, and industry experts’ partner with our customers to continually improve their operations so they can run even more efficiently, even more effectively, whatever comes next.  

Sustainability Goals

Guided by our core values, Quaker Houghton drives environmental and social progress in a responsible and ethical manner.  

Global Heat Treatment Technical Capabilities

This video provides an overview of Quaker Houghton’s Global heat treatment solutions and technical capabilities. Since the development of the first petroleum based quenching oil around 1880 by Quaker Houghton, and the industry’s first biostable aqueous quenchant for induction and immersion quenching applications, we continue to offer a comprehensive portfolio including cold quenching oils, martempering oils and aqueous quenchants. 

Forging Fluids for the hot and warm forging process

This video provides an overview of Quaker Houghton’s forging fluids for hot and warm forging process

QUINTOLUBRIC® Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

This video highlights Quaker Houghton’s Twist Compression Test in the laboratory. Quaker Houghton utilizes the Twist Compression Test to simulate lubricant starvation conditions in a metal forming operation and is designed to test boundary and extreme pressure lubrication regimes. These lubrication conditions exist in most challenging forming operations. This tool allows Quaker Houghton to develop and test lubricants under conditions that they would be subjected to in our customer’s operations.

Quaker Houghton’s Broad Range of Die Casting Solutions

Quaker Houghton is recognized as the technical leader in the die cast lubricant field. Our innovative solutions provide the key to die casting lubricant performance. Quaker Houghton has a broad portfolio of die casting fluid solutions to meet all your die casting needs.

3D Press Hardening - Hydraulic Fluids and Greases

Quaker Houghton is recognized as a leader in fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and greases. QUINTOLUBRIC® brand of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are recognized around the world by major OEMs and customers as the name for long life, and environmentally compatible fluids that enable improved efficiencies.