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Metal Protection Fluids

Metal Protection Fluids

Our metal protection fluids product range has been formulated to be readily removed through conventional alkaline cleaning or degreasing procedures. This industry leading range offers the following benefits; eliminates downtime due to rust problems, reduces scrap and rework, provides secondary functions such as lubrication and ease of cleaning and downstream process compatibility with welding, phosphating, e-coating and adhesives/sealants.

Designed for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, our dual purpose cleaners and metal preservatives clean and protect in a single processing step. Select from a range of cleanability and protection capabilities to suit your operation. These products can be applied via dip tanks or spray machinery.

The manufacturing process offers a variety of challenges when it comes to protecting final and in-process parts from corrosion, whether you are storing finished parts or transporting them for final processing. With a variety of application methods possible, these products are formulated to provide optimal long-term and short-term  protection for a variety of metal surfaces.

Rust and corrosion are the naturally occurring enemies of machined parts as well as coils (metal strip), blanks, stamped parts and other surfaces. High humidity, foreign contaminants, and uneven product coverage can cause serious damage. Quaker Houghton’s complete line of oil corrosion preventives protect metal parts during production and in storage, both indoor and outdoor.

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